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Continuing the Legacy of Caring About Our Children

"Webb-Turner comes back home to Westinghouse to finish teaching career"

This fall, Dawn R. Webb-Turner will be joining the faculty of educators at Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy 6-12 to finish her last eight years of teaching before retirement. Dawn will be teaching 6th grade History and Science. She had been teaching at Allegheny Traditional Academy on the North side for the last ten years. “I loved teaching at ATA. I built such great relationships with so many children and fellow educators!”, says Webb-Turner. She was asked by alumnus Richard Morris, of the Urban League to come and teach at Westinghouse. “He stated that the students needed a teacher like me there.”, continued Webb-Turner. “It was a very hard decision at first, but then the more I thought about it, I knew it was only destiny to return home to a place I had been around since I was two years old, and later graduated from in 1985.” Dawn is daughter of the legendary Coach and teacher George A. Webb Sr., who graduated and later taught at Westinghouse until 2002. He also became the first African American inducted into the Pennsylvania High School Coaches Hall of Fame in Harrisburg. Westinghouse has been a family tradition for three generations. Dawn’s parents, siblings, and daughter all attended the “House”. Her daughter, Sahaar Turner Lyles, graduated in 2011 in the Business & Finance and Scholar’s programs. Sahaar is now Communications Coordinator for Remake Learning, while running her own online magazine business called Nubian Impulse.

Dawn is an educator, entrepreneur, and environmentalist! She has been the President of Our House Development Real Estate Services, LLC for fifteen years, Founder of the George & Patricia Webb Sr. Learning Institute and Museum, and steward of North Homewood under the Clean Pittsburgh Commission. Webb-Turner now lives in Lower Burrell in Westmoreland County, but has her real estate office in Homewood where she still owns numerous properties. She is also very involved with organizing the North Upland Street Block Club and the Let’s Clean Up Our House Committee, where they teach the youth the importance of picking up litter on the block and keeping a clean environment.

Dawn plans to integrate her entrepreneur spirit and financial literacy knowledge with her Social Studies classes. She intends to match student interests with alumni in those fields to help them gain experience and find their purpose. Webb-Turner is coming from over ten years of banking. She was a bank manager for Three Rivers Bank, and later a business banker with PNC. Her love for science was nurtured at Westinghouse. She holds a Bachelors in Science in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology, and a Masters in Art in Teaching, both from the University of Pittsburgh.

An additional project that Dawn is super excited about is creating curriculum around the Westinghouse Wall of Fame. Webb explains, “It is very important for our youth to really understand the great stories that our beloved school holds beyond sports. If it wasn’t for me becoming a member of the Westinghouse Commission of Recognition, I wouldn’t have known many of the untold stories. Our stories enable us to see ourselves through our own eyes, narratives, and possibilities. I feel that once we take control of our narratives, we will take back the perception of Westinghouse”.

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